How are submitted entries evaluated by the jury?

For all three categories of the competition, at the end of the submission period STEM Alliance evaluators will select submissions as winners based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to STEM topic and accuracy of the knowledge presented.
  2. Pedagogical Value: Clear goals and objectives, motivation, presentation of resources, specific learning tasks, adaptability to individual needs will be taken into account during the evaluation process. Impact of the actions undertaken by teachers and students. Judges will be looking for evidence of successful knowledge transfer.
  3. Relevance of the actions designed and implemented within the project. Contributions should demonstrate a clear link to the competition's requirements. Moreover, the jury will also consider if the actions undertaken are compatible with students' age group.
  4. Originality of entries, pertinence, novelty, creativity and didactical approach, will all be taken into account during the evaluation process. All works should be creative, interesting, attractive and in any other way original.
  5. Clarity of ideas and conclusions, explaining in a clear way, demonstrating a good understanding of the theme and conveying convincing implementation methods, solutions and messages.
  6. Effective communication of the project and its results.
  7. Presentation of entries, style, layout, design and good use of technology will be considered.
  8. Involvement of stakeholders: This evaluation criterion will be focused on the involvement of relevant stakeholders (e.g. companies, science and research centres, educational authorities, municipalities, and/or parents) which bring a benefit to the STEM activities featured in the competition entry. Submissions will be judged based on the effective participation of public and/or private organisations and their integration in the process as well as the use of PGB2S tool and participation in the teachers' placement scheme.

Bonus points will be assigned to:

  • Events which were organised with the help of PGB2S tool and submitted in the Event category;
  • Entries containing one or more resources from the STEM Alliance Practice Gallery and submitted in the Resources category.

How many winners will be selected?

The STEM Alliance jury, composed of companies and education stakeholders, will select:

  • 9 Events Category Winners
  • 1 Video Category Winners
  • 2 Resource Category Winners

Is there another way to win an award in the competition?

Yes. In addition to the main awards, there will be two special awards.

  • PGB2S event award:
    The award for this category will be for the participant who has demonstrated the best use of STEM Alliance PGB2S tool. The STEM Alliance will select a winner taking into account the effectiveness of the tool use as well as search for evidence of successful students' motivation.
  • Public vote video award:
    STEM Alliance will post all videos qualified for the Video Category in the Facebook page and Twitter account dedicated to the competition shortly after 17 November 2017. An award will be given to a video with the largest public support on these social media accounts. Votes on other accounts will not be taken into account. The video will be selected using the aggregated amount of retweets on Twitter and reactions on Facebook to measure its popularity. If any of the most voted submissions are not eligible, the next one with the highest total number of retweets and likes will be selected.

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