STEM Ahead Videos Competition


If you are a teacher or a career councellor for primary/secondary school students and you are currently in countries of the European Union or associated to the European Union (for a list of these countries, see the competition guidelines), you can participate in the video category of the "All-STEM, All-stars" competition!

Step 1

Create a short video with a length of maximum 3 minutes or a presentation showing ways of stimulating and attracting students into STEM careers using school and industry collaboration activities, and demonstrating how you connect your STEM lessons to real-life situations.

For this purpose, STEM Alliance recommends you to use the PGB2S tool in order to connect with an industrial partner, carry out an activity featuring this kind of collaboration and produce a video. While animations and presentations are also accepted as an entry, we will use the word "video" to refer to this category. You, as a teacher, will be in charge of publication.

The language of use should be English.

Step 2

Submit an entry by using the Video competition form below, sharing the URL to your video (YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Adobe Spark).

Once you have submitted your video, STEM Alliance will confirm by email that your submission was received. All videos qualified for the Video Category will be disseminated through Twitter and Facebook accounts of the competition shortly after the submission deadline has passed.