Jet-Net & Tech-Net

Jet-Net and Tech-Net are a network of companies and schools in the Netherlands popularizing technological education and technological careers among youth.

To tackle the fast-moving pace of new technologies, innovation and digitalisation, youth need to be prepared to tackle working with technology in their future jobs.

Jet-Net and Tech-Net aims to prepare students for just that: familiarising youth with technologies, with career opportunities in ICT and technology, and a more conscious choice in their study and orientation for their future.

This network of companies and school organises various activities for this purpose, such as career days, guest lessons by professionals, competitions, webcasts and many more exciting events.

On the Jet-Net and Tech-Net website, one can also find resources to intergrate technology in the classroom, for example publications, webcast recordings, and teaching materials.

Computer science, Information technology, Software engineering, Technology
Target group
industry, secondary school students, teachers