Teacher Placement in industry with entrepreneurship education for pupils

In a series of efforts related to the Action Plan for Entrepreneurial Education (2015-2019), the Flemish Ministry of Education issued a new regulation financing 30 internships for teachers.

The Flemish Ministry of Education launched a pilot project for 2016-2017 to stimulate schools to send teachers on company internships. In a series of efforts related to the Action Plan for Entrepreneurial Education (2015-2019), the Ministry issued a new regulation financing 30 internships for teachers for a maximum of five days, coupled with entrepreneurial replacement activities for pupils (to replace the teacher during his or her absence). It is planned to involve 30 companies in different industrial or commercial areas in the project.

These replacement activities take the form of a project (set up in agreement with the school) and are carried out by an external organisation specialised in promoting entrepreneurship education, skills and competences. These organisations are all recognised by various ministries as supporting entrepreneurship education. They may be linked to chambers of commerce, sectoral organisations of commerce, trade or industry, universities or other higher education institutions. Most of those organisations are already running various initiatives such as educational projects, competitions or days to promote entrepreneurship education in schools with teachers and pupils.

These activities have to be adapted to the target audience and they must generically focus on entrepreneurship (or on entrepreneurship among students). Likewise, they should motivate students to think about entrepreneurship and to be involved in activities that put into practice the knowledge acquired.

All secondary school teachers are eligible for these internships. Teachers from ASO (general secondary schools), TSO (technical schools), BSO (vocational schools), DBSO (Deeltijds beroeps secundair onderwijs/part-time vocational schools) or trainers involved in apprenticeships together with their schools or academic centres are eligible for support.

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Hilde Denolf, Flemish Ministry of Education. Email: hilde.denolf (at) ond.vlaanderen.be