Eerst de klas

Eerst de Klas (First in the classroom), launched in 2009, is a two-year traineeship provided for excellent young academics with an interest in education and business. As part of this programme, outstanding students spent some time teaching after graduation before pursuing a career in business.

As part of the Eerst de Klas project, talented university graduates worked several days a week as secondary school teachers for a two-year period. In addition to earning a teaching qualification, they took part in an intensive business leadership programme. During the pilot, participants earned a supplementary qualification to teach all years and all types of secondary education (nl. eerstegraads onderwijsbevoegdheid).

The two-year programme was composed of an introduction period, a first year of preparing for the teacher qualification while teaching three days a week, and a second year teaching four days a week. During these two years, every Friday, the trainees were involved in a leadership programme organised by a company. The leadership programme involved carrying out an assignment, which is beneficial both to the business/organisation and to the intern.

This initiative is part of the overall strategy Teacher 2020 of the Dutch Ministry of Education, to improve teacher education on the one hand and STEM education on the other. It is built on the active involvement of all key stakeholders: business and other organisations, schools, university teacher education institutions and educational authorities, and the VO-Raad or Secondary Education Council.

After ten fruitful years, the initiative stopped in 2018 and was redisigned into "Trainees in Education" programme.

Target group
university students

Secondary Education Council and University Teacher Education Institutes


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