Entr’apprendre – Continuous Education / Placement program for teachers in companies

Entr'apprendre, launched in 2015, is an initiative by the Foundation for Education (Fondation pour l'Enseignement) set up by the French community of Belgium. The aim is to upgrade Vocational Education Training (VET), to support positive orientation by developing entrepreneurship skills and information on work opportunities and jobs of the future, and to stimulate the Corporate Social Responsibility of companies by encouraging skills transfer between businesses and school. In this context, the Foundation actively promotes placements in industry for teachers.

The ultimate objective of Entr'apprendre is to set up internship programmes for teachers/‌trainers in companies. The placements consist of short-term internships for teachers (two to four days) based on different businesses. The main aims are:

  • to update technical skills linked to different occupations/trades;
  • to raise awareness of the operational realities of companies: quality, safety, environment, etc.;
  •  to improve social attitudes and behaviors, focusing on teamwork and on enhancing an entrepreneurial mindset promoting autonomy, initiative and responsibility.

Teachers of practical and general courses (maths, foreign languages, etc.) from technical/vocational schools, trainers in CEFA centres (Centres d'Éducation et de Formation en alternance - Alternative education and training centres) and CTAs (Centres de Technologies Avançées - Advanced Technology Centres), pedagogical advisors (providing support and advice to teachers) and trainers in institutes of continuing education are eligible to take part in the internship programme.

From 2017 onwards, the initiative will be extended to more sectors, professions and teachers of general courses. Efforts will be made to strengthen links between schools and companies through a dedicated extranet to sustain the relationship created during internships and via an introduction to eLearning. As from 2018, the initiative will be extended to primary school and lower secondary school teachers through an adapted programme. This will be continuously revised on the basis of feedback from teachers and companies.

Chemistry, Maths, Physics, Other
Target group

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