mSchools is an educational programme of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, in partnership with Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona City Hall and GSMA, which includes numerous diverse initiatives oriented towards mobile education.

The programme's objective is to help students and teachers with integrating mobile technologies into the classroom which results in discovering new ways of teaching and learning. mSchools wants to encourage students to acquire important digital skills of 21st century so they are better prepared for nowadays challenges.

The programme has three focus areas:

  • Encourage learning with mobile (Mobile History Map app, Mobile Learning Awards)
  • Improve digital skills and entrepreneurial spirit (App Education, Scratch Challenge, TechCamp)
  • Build an open environment for mEducation (mSTEAM, EduHack, Toolbox)

These three focus areas are achieved by implementing various initiatives such as:

  • mSTEAM – an app with free to download and easy to use didactic modules, materials and assessment guides . The goal is to encourage primary and secondary students to learn with mobile and make science even more accessible for them.
  • Mobile History Map - a geopositioning app that allows students to collaboratively create content on points of interest close to their schools
  • Scratch Challenge - a modular lesson plan with the focus on the development of computational thinking in the classroom through the learning of the free programming language Scratch
Computer science, Geography, Technology, Education
Target group
industry, primary school students, secondary school students, teachers

Mobile World Capital Barcelona

Other organisers

Generalitat of Catalonia, Barcelona City Hall and GSMA