STEM Teacher Academy

The program by the Dutch national STEM platform enables science subjects teachers to continue their professional development and stay up-to-date with technological changes which could be used to improve the content of STEM courses and the way science subjects are taught in schools.

The 3-years programme was launched in 2014 in order to meet the objectives set in the Dutch national Technology Pact and several programmes of the Dutch government which aimed at attracting more people to teach STEM subjects and to do it in a more engaging way. The programme was targeted at secondary education teachers and technology companies so they could cooperate and build lasting partnerships.

The objective of introducing the most up-to-date teaching tools to STEM subjects teachers was achieved by implementing various activities such as guest lectures by professional from industry and short-term teachers traineeships in technology companies.

Overall, the programme involved 227 companies and 814 teachers which resulted in nearly 100% geographical coverage. Additionally, STEM Teacher Academy inspired the inclusion of teachers internships in the curriculum of teacher training programmes at eight universities of applied science.

Applied sciences, Engineering, Physics, Technology, Education
Target group
industry, teachers