Scientific Adventures for Girls (SAfG)


Scientific Adventures for Girls is a non-profit organisation which provides after school STEM programs to children turning 5 years old, with a special focus on girls and underserved youth. All the programs aim to increase positive attitudes toward STEM, offer hands-on learning opportunities and encourage lifelong learning of STEM subjects.

Scientific Adventures for Girls strives to change the face of science by engaging young girls (5 years old) from transitional kindergartens in Northern California, USA, in STEM activities. The ultimate goal is to provide them more economic mobility and create a more gender equitable society in which all girls and women realise their full potential and abilities to achieve great things.

So far, SAfG has provided over 150 fun, hands-on programs and STEM classes to keep girls involved in STEM subjects for the long time. During the classes, the focus is put on learning practical skills and applying them in creative ways and all teachers use the "6 C's of Being a Scientist" framework to guide each class: Curious, Creative, Confident, Collaborative, Committed and Changemaker.

Engineering, Gender in STEM, Maths, Technology, Education
Target group
under school-age kids

Scientific Adventures for Girls