TPA - Total Professeurs AssociƩs


Total Professeurs AssociƩs is an association which consists of Total Group working or retired employees, called member professors, who lecture in their field of expertise. Their objective is to connect oil industry and academic circles by providing technical and business-related courses.

The goal of the association and its initiatives is to foster the cooperation among universities, academic institutions and petroleum industry and inform students about the careers and opportunities in oil and relevant industries. Students Pupils from primary schools and high schools and students of engineering schools, business schools and universities who attend special courses gain practical knowledge and skills directly from the experts.

The association responds to the requests of schools and universities for specific courses or presentations and sends a relevant member professor to agree on course content, date, target group, prerequisites and possibly compensation.

France, Other
Chemistry, Electronics, Engineering, Information technology, Maths, Physics, Technology, Education, Other
Target group
primary school students, secondary school students, university students, vocational school students

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