Teach First Internship Programme


Teach First is a charity working towards equal and fair education in UK (England and Wales). Through the graduate scheme, Teach First finds and trains talented people to become teachers and sends them to schools when the need is greatest.

The programme aims to transform education by:

  • bringing skilled teachers to the schools where they are needed most
  • strengthening school leadership for pupils and teachers development
  • creating strong networks and positive policy environment to support schools

By 2019, Teach First community has already involved more than 10,000 graduates and placed them in low-income areas. By building partnerships with schools and business, the programme has supported over one million children.

While helping children with fewer opportunities, Teach First gives a practical and valuable experience to teachers who participate in the programme by paving the way to pupils' future careers.

Biology, Computer science, Chemistry, Geography, Maths, Physics, Technology, Education
Target group
teachers, trainee teachers

Teach First