VETtLIS (VET teachers as learners in the industry sector)


VETtLIS was a project supporting vocational teachers placement scheme in the industry through establishing partnerships between national education and business organisations in Montenegro. The objective was to provide teachers with the necessary knowledge and skills which they can contribute to the curriculum and therefore prepare students for the working environment.

The project was launched in 2016 with the aim of providing 20 teachers placements in industry for vocational teachers in Montenegro. It was led by the Ministry of Education in Montenegro, with the Centre for Vocational Education and the Chamber of Economy as partners, in order to develop its education system for further social and economic growth of the country.

The main goal was to improve the knowledge of vocational teachers and enhance the level of vocational programmes in Montenegro. Thanks to the collaboration with industry, the programmes were designed aligning the needs of enterprises which resulted in strengthening the cooperation between educational institutions and business.

The training programmes implemented during the project lasted from three to five days. VET Teachers, with the support of a mentor, went to different enterprises and worked with new equipment and technologies and engaged with innovative work processes. Overall, at least 72 teachers from 12 schools in different regions of Montenegro participated in the project.

The outcomes of the project can be found on this webpage.

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Target group
industry, teachers

The Ministry of Education in Montenegro

Other organisers

Centre for Vocational Education in Montenegro and Chamber of Economy in Montenegro