The Freie Universität Berlin and the Berlin-Brandenburg Science Academy worked together to promote inquiry based science education in primary schools
  Teacher Discovery Placement Initiative  

The regional project "TuWaS!-Köln/Bonn" is operated by the Chambers of Industry and Commerce of Cologne and Bonn/Rhine-Sieg. Ideally, a company is twinned with a primary school (grade 1-4) or a lower secondary school (grade 5-6), financing the participation of that school in the TuWaS! programme.

TuWaS!-Köln/Bonn offers professional development and lends the participating schools comprehensive teaching material comprising 12 topics that cover the STEM areas such as biology, chemistry, physics and technology. The programme is based on teachers' professional development and provides hands-on teaching material in accordance with the curriculum. The purpose of the inititiative is to promote inquiry-based learning (IBL) in schools to encourage students to learn STEM subjects.

In order to discuss the further direction and the development of the project, a Community Board has been installed some years ago; the members are representatives of the Freie Universität Berlin, both involved Chambers of commerce and industry, supporting companies, the regional government, the school inspection body, deans and teachers.

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Technology
Target group
primary school students, secondary school students, teachers


Main contact person: Iris Wirths and Sylvia Hüls