STEM Careers Key Resources

STEM Careers Key Resources

Find here a list of key resources from the STE(A)M IT and STEM Alliance projects to help you promote STEM careers to your students:

Learning Scenarios:

You can find a selection of integrated STEM learning scenarios created by teachers from across Europe and beyond. Don't hesitate to check and comment on the learning scenarios, share them on social media, and, why not, try them with your students!

"Integrated STEM Teaching" MOOCs Rerun 2021:

Join one of these online courses and bring your teaching to the next level by mastering the contextualization of STEM knowledge through industry-education cooperation, learning about innovative pedagogies, and discovering how to develop and implement a STEM integrated lesson plan!

Repository of STEM Jobs Profiles:

You will find information and multimedia resources (career sheets, videos, podcasts) about exciting STEM-related careers. You are welcome to use and share these resources as well as providing testimonials and feedback on the challenges you are facing and how these materials can help to overcome these challenges.

Guidelines on how to present STEM jobs in classrooms:

Teachers can find suggestions on how to integrate the topic of STEM careers and jobs in their classes, especially with the use of career sheets, video interviews and podcasts, as well as activities and follow-up suggestions. The aim is to support teachers to integrate career guidance in their teaching.

The Integrated STEM Teaching State of Play Publication:

This publication presents in detail the results of the SWOT analysis performed on the topic that reveals the opportunities and challenges ahead, presenting an overview of the existing scientific and grey literature research on the topic while laying the foundation for the development of the first Integrated STE(A)M education framework.



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