This year, the STEM Discovery Week was celebrated from 24 to 30 April and focused on the STEM Professionals go Back to Schools scheme, encouraging companies and schools to collaborate around visit of STEM professionals in classrooms and register their activity through the STEM Alliance.

Additionally, as an incentive to use the "STEM Professionals Go Back To School" Tool, teachers could also participate to the Scientix competition for the STEM Discovery Week 2017 by entering the "Organize your STEM event" competiton!

Participation was really easy: once they had organised their PGB2S related event in their school, they had to submit it also to the "Organize your STEM event" competition! Scientix and STEM Alliance awarded the organisers of the best events by inviting the winners to an expenses-paid (travel, accomodation and subsistence) trip to the Science Projects Workshop 15 (SPW15) in Brussels, Belgium, between 23 and 25 June 2017.

This page presents and showcases all those entries that STEM Alliance selected as winners in the events competition, who are also invited to the Science Projects Workshop at the Future Classroom Lab 23 to 25 June 2017! Congratulations!

Franca Sormani - M.Pia Monguzzi - O. Valtorta- Georgios Chatzigeorgiou

eHAND exhibit

On the occasion of the Earth Day and March for Science, we organized an interactive exhibit, open to the public, of works of our students about the effects of human activities on the Earth. We set up four different areas about the topics : climate change, natural and induced disasters, recycling . In each area students prepared posters, STEM experiments and games for the visitors. During the exhibition we organized also a videoconference with partners and the councilor for the environmental and officers of the company that manages the environmental health participated to the event.

Location of event: Desio, Italy.

Katarzyna Kwiatek-Grabarska

Bliżej STEM! - Open Up To STEM!

STEM Conference: Bliżej STEM! - Open Up To STEM! For STEM teachers and their pupils, STEM teaching advisors and representatives of educational authorities in the city.

Location of event: Zabrze, Poland.

Natalija Budinski

Cure for math or math for cure

This is two parts event where students (age 16) will receive answers about application of mathematics in pharmacy. A pharmacist will visit the classroom and prepare a short lecture about mathematics used in pharmacy. In the second part of the event, students will visit the laboratory and have an insight in the practical application of mathematics in the process of making pharmacies products. The event will consist of lecture, meeting with professionals, mathematical tasks, hands-on activities based on learning trough discovery.

Location of event: Ruski Krstur, Serbia.

Nelson Alves Correia

STEM Professionals Go Back To School - The Environmental Engineer at the RESITEJO

Talk and workshop about urban solid waste and the functions of the Environmental Engineer at the RESITEJO. This event replaced one class of Chemistry and Natural Sciences.

Location of event: Torres Novas, Portugal.

Panagiota Varouta

STEM Professionals go back to school

Our school organizes a two-day event (27-28 /4) titled "STEM Professionals go back to school", according to the "STEM Professionals Go Back To School" scheme by the STEM Alliance program in order to engage company professionals to visit schools and participate in.

Location of event: Athens, Greece.

Svetlana Dotsenko

SKYPE in our school

Meeting with SKYPE specialist in school for students 9th and 10-11th grades. We have lessons of career, computer science in our school. We have used lessons to prepare visit of representative of SKYPE - to talk about IT professions and how to use SKYPE at lessons.

Location of event: Tallinn, Estonia.

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