How Schools Can Benefit

Schools play a key role in the STEM Alliance initiative

Headmasters, teachers and career counselors communicate our messages to the students and motivate and inspire them to go after STEM subjects and jobs. In order to do this, schools will collaborate with industries, introduce innovative practices in STEM education and present content in real-life situations that are more accessible to young people across Europe. Help will be provided via webinars and forums, opportunities for international contests, face-to-face seminars, and Europe-wide events where they can promote and share their activities, etc.

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How Schools Can Help


Get Inspired

Take advantage of the repository of industry activities as a source of inspiration or to actively test activities to teach STEM in class in an innovative way.

Support Teachers

Encourage them to utilize the available toolkits and teaching materials in the classroom, and providing them additional opportunities to improve, such as online coaching.

Provide feedback

Your opinion on the used activities would be a valuable insight to better analyse and adapt solutions to school's needs, making sure the practices could improve and evolve over time.

Build a network

Help and encourage STEM teachers to network and exchange experience through community activities such as webinars and Communities of Practices.

Help Teachers Improve

Register teachers, career counselors and other school staff for webinars, chat sessions and massive online courses aimed at increasing the attractiveness of STEM jobs.


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