Webinar: Tackling Stereotypes in STEM Education and Careers

Date & time: 4 October at 17:00-18:00 CEST.

Description: Ever wondered why STEM education and careers are not as diverse as they could be? Interested in finding out how we can help address STEM stereotypes? The webinar co-organized by STEM Alliance and Scientix  â€˜Tackling Stereotypes in STEM Education and Careers'  addressed the above questions. Diversity is an essential element for STEM innovation! STEM education and careers should be diverse and encourage inclusive representation of gender, economic and social backgrounds. Bringing diversity in STEM can also mean collaboration between educators, governments, industry and non-profit organisations.

Target audience: The webinar was open to anyone interested, but particularly targets schools, teachers, career counsellors, companies and anyone else interested in STEM education and careers.


Rebecca Taylor-Cottle is Head of Communications and a Diversity & Inclusion Lead for Northern Europe, at CA Technologies. She has 12+ years of communications experience, encompassing internal and external comms, media relations, executive comms and social media, and holds a BA (Hons) in Public Relations. At CA, she is a key member of the Thrive Gender Diversity team, which aims to eliminate the barriers for women in technology at all stages from attraction and recruitment, to development and retention. She leads Create Tomorrow in the UK, a programme to educate and inspire young people - and especially girls - to consider STEM careers. Since its launch in 2015, Create Tomorrow has reached over 23,000 students across Europe. It was featured as an industry best practice by Sirius Decisions in 2017 and shortlisted for the eSkills Initiative of the Year at the 2016 Women in IT Awards.

Rebecca Taylor-Cottle,
CA Technologies


Annemiek Mensert is reservoir engineer at Shell international in the Hague Netherlands. She has a Masters in Petroleum Engineering & Applied Earth Sciences from Delft University. After working in IT she joined Shell in 2003 as a reservoir engineer, working in the software development department on reservoir simulation and teaching simulation skills at Shell locations around the world. She has 15 years experience as reservoir engineer in integrated subsurface teams, calculating oil and gas reserves, optimising production and preparing projects for execution. She is involved in several Dutch STEM initiatives such as JETNET and Generation Discover and actively serves as a technical (female) role model within primary and secondary schools by teaching as a guest lecturer and developing learning materials creating an interest in STEM subjects. She is married and has a nine year old daughter.

Annemiek Mensert,
Shell International




STEM Alliance http://www.stemalliance.eu

Scientix http://www.scientix.eu/


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