Webinar: Hacking STEM Projects for Inquiry Based Science Learning

Jointly organised by STEM Alliance and Scientix, the webinar was held online on Thursday, 19 April 2018 at 17:30 CEST (Central European Summer Time) in English language.

A total of 315 participants from Europe and beyond has joint the session!


Using an Excel adds-on, an Arduino board and cheap materials you can turn your classroom to a research centre. From studying earthquakes to generating electricity, from measuring water pollution to building a Morse decoder. The projects and resources that were presented during this webinar provided teachers with extensive information of what is needed to prepare their lessons, namely lesson plans, shopping lists and ideas for further development. The devices built by students can replace costly data loggers.


Gergely NĂ¡dori is a Scientix ambassador in Hungary, a Microsoft Expert Educator and a Science teacher in a secondary school in Budapest. He is also the editor of the most popular education blog in the country (http://tanarblog.hu) with more than 20,000 visitors per month. He has published free books on the use of ICT in STEM education and organized in-service teacher training in the topic. He has already been the presenter at three other Scientix webinars.
To watch the recording of his past webinars, visit this webpage http://www.scientix.eu/live/scientix-webinars .


You can find the webinar recording and presentations here:



This webinar was co-organised by STEM Alliance and Scientix in the frame of the STEM Discovery Week 2018 campaign.

Scientix http://www.scientix.eu/

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